From the land of our ancestors
with tradition and quality

Production and trade in agriculture

For us, Agro & Trade, these are not only two words leading to our main business activity. We do not view trade in agriculture as a mere means to make money. The realization of our produce in this so dynamic and flexible branch is the stability that gives the producers steadiness and confidence that they have chosen the appropriate field to develop themselves in.

Our cultures


We dispose of one of the most contemporary plant for production, processing and storage of produce in South-Eastern Bulgaria. Facilities which we continue developing with investments in the most up-to-date solutions and technologies.

Laboratory analyses

The laboratory is an indispensable tool for assistance in our production. Starting with the sowing seed quality, microscopic observation during vegetation, compatibility testing for mixing preparations and leaf fertilizers, and finishing with detailed organization of a timely and precise harvest.


The attraction and utilization of funds under projects is a way to improve our work, but we cannot go without direct investments. Through the years, we have learnt that we cannot be successful without a balance in investments. We invest funds not only in the improvement of the facilities and equipment, but also in the increase of our staff’s qualification. We cannot achieve high quality without highly-skilled staff. The knowledge and science in agriculture are priority in our work. We make every effort to train, keep and develop skilled employees. We have invested a lot of time and funds in our tangible and intangible assets – facilities, equipment and team - the most appropriate investment.